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Mass Effect Andromeda ND1 Nomad

Mass Effect Andromeda ND1 Nomad LEGO MoC Plans are avaliable now!

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868 Parts

- The ND1 Nomad is an all-terrain exploration-focused land vehicle utilised by Pathfinders as part of the Andromeda Initiative to scout out potential Golden Worlds for colonisation.

- The Nomad features twin hydrogen-oxygen fuel cells powering an element zero core, independent suspension for each wheel, and interchangeable four- or six-wheel drive. Like the Mako, it comes equipped with a rear fuel injection booster to propel it forward, and helium-3 microthrusters beneath the vehicle to blast it upward. It comes with the capability to scan planet surfaces for valuable resources and deploy mining drones to harvest those.

- Lego Replica is,

- 868 Parts

- 40cm tall

- My Story,

- I finished playing the PC game. And indeed, I enjoyed the trip on all explorable planets with ND1 Nomad. Then I wanted to design and do it with Lego.

- When I was designing this model, I wanted it to be very similar to the Reality. Especially I wanted to simulate 6 Wheel and suspension system. I used the colors of the original model as color. White, Black, Gray color harmony was really nice with Lego parts. I hope all Mass Effect fanatics will enjoy it.

- I hope you like it.

- Thank you Everyone...