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Who is Hasan Kabalak?


My name is Hasan, I was born in 1982. I am married and have twin girls. I live in Istanbul, Turkey.

Since 5 I’ve been tinkering with LEGO sets. I love LEGO very much. I’m a complete LEGO maniac. As the years progressed, I have began to develop more of my own designs instead of assembling avaliable sets. Especially with the help of LDD Program, I make my own digital designs and then I turn them into reality. Mostly I design LEGO System projects but I give LEGO Technic a shot occasioanlly.

My latest design, Golf MK1 GTI, was able to achieve 10k votes on LEGO Ideas. But eventually project did not pass the review phase. I will continue to try with new ideas and projects. I also created this site to share my new MOC designs with LEGO lovers like myself.

Best regards,